imperial Philly

Sep 29 2017 @ The Fire

  • ANT TC1
  • Malevil + Antique Electronic

412 W. Girard Ave. | 9pm - 2am | 21+ to enter

Event Info

Imperial Philly

Since the Summer of 2013, Imperial Philly has been responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in the Drum and Bass scene to Philadelphia.

Legendary Djs and producers including: A Sides, Doc Scott, Gremlinz, Bailey, and Klute along with new beasts like DLR have smashed dance floors with their quality beats and bass.

Reviving Philadelphia's past status as a beacon on American shores for top quality electronic music and events is our priority. With our Reinforced Sound system and talented crew of local DJs, Imperial is proud to get things moving again.

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